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Starting up your sales in the Benelux
as the gateway to the European market

Whether it is about new or existing products.

In new or existing markets.
To invest in export market development requires understanding.
With the inside knowledge of the local market dynamics and
an optimal use of the various marketing tools.
For the selection of interesting customers and the appointment
of the right channel partners in the relevant market segments.

This is what ITS Holland can do for you

Without substantial pre-investment and not effecting your
regular sales activities.
With the all-round know-how and bright strategical ideas to
setting up your sales network to cover the markets.

From generating good quality leads, acquisition and account
management to setting up a professional sales organization

With a pragmatic approach by which realizing sales goes
simultaneously with the development of a well-considered
marketing concept.
Based on cooperation concepts that suits you the best.
As an agent, freelance or as your own independent sales agency.

And always as your dedicated sales partner
To make your new business grow

Our more than 25 years experience in international
marketing, sales and distribution will accelerate
the processes to adequately sell your products
to the market.