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Sales as a primary aim

Also based on the perception of our principal the intended
market position will be determined.
Starting from the market and the internal competences.
Soon after pre-positioning the product especially selected
potential customers will be approached.
Because, generating sales is and remains the primary aim.
In this case strategical interests will be taken in consideration.
Our experience will prevent us from making important missteps.

Pragmatically and structural

Continuously comparing perception versus reality will be basis
for the fine-tuning of strategic guidelines.
These guidelines will be the basis for the choice of the right
channel partners and potential customers in the various segments.

Our sales activities are focused on the development of
substantial sales channels

Such as producers, wholesalers, superstores, mass-users,
retail chains, distributors, etc.
Detailed market approach will be carried out by especially
selected channel partners.

Marketing plan as a guidance

While executing sales activities we start from a marketing plan
that will be adjusted based on a progressing vision.
In headlines and limited text. Without redundant paperwork.
From market analyses to communication concept.

Besides the marketing plan also will be used for discussion
between parties and as a basis for investments.

Finally a proven marketing concept will be born

This concept also can be used to conquer other markets.
Of course modified by necessary adaptations according to
the profile of the related market.

In this way in a continuous process we realize
sales revenues while setting up your own
professional sales organization.