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ITS Holland is not a newcomer in the market

Soon after the establishment of ITS Holland in 1980 the present
director, Ben Haefkens, started setting up a distribution network
for the sales of sunroofs in the Netherlands.
Principal is a listed German multinational company, worldwide
market leader in the sunroof and auxiliary heater business.

Based on the result of market research an innovative marketing
concept has been developed

After having adapted the product concept too, these strategical
steps lead to the position of market leader in the Netherlands.

Previous successes had been the fundament to a joint venture
between ITS Holland and its principal

Object of the new company was the development, production
and the sales of sunroofs for aftermarket and semi-OEM.
Also the centralized coordination of the worldwide sales and
distribution became part of the company's responsibility.
Managing director of the company was Ben Haefkens.
These steps have lead to the position of market leader worldwide.

Due to economics of scale the activities of the company have
been transferred to a sister company in another part of Europe.

Based on the collected know-how and experience ITS Holland,
in person Ben Haefkens, decided to continue its initial activities
as an independent commercial office offering marketing and
sales support

In the last ten years various longer term projects have been
executed such as:

- Pilot projects electricity industry, South America
- Market research machinery, The Netherlands
- Marketing and sales automotive accessories, Worldwide
- Market research new application seatheaters, Europe
- Marketing and sales leisure and outdoor products, Benelux